The three muses in poster

Information about workshops

Author: Magda Kurpik, Sebastian Kubica
Date: 19.10.2016 (day 1); 20.10.2016 (day 2); 21.10.2016 (day 3)
Place: Beijing 1+1 Art Centre

Workshops for students. The topic of the poster workshop has the aim of familiarizing participants with Polish posters relating to culture, analyzing them and attempting at interpreting a chosen poster. The workshops will take place for three days. Each day, different posters will be presented: day one: 10 theatre posters; day two 10 music posters; day three: 10 film posters. During each presentation, specific posters will be discussed: their authors, technique, interpretation.

After the presentation, each day students will design their own poster inspired by one of the 10 shown and discussed that day. The work will be created on a B2 format. The didactic method will be a teacher’s review – individual and group discussion.

Aims: [1] Familiarizing participants with each stage of creating the graphic design project (conceptual, outline, choice of graphic design tools, composition, creating the ready project). [2] Analysing the presented posters, and choosing one to interpret each day. [3] Choosing the appropriate composition on the B2 format and graphic style suitable for the participant (collage, monotype, drawing, painting, stencils…).

After the workshop the student will: [1] Know the process of creating a graphic design work. [2] Appropriately use graphic tools that will allow him/her to show the essence of the subject. [3] Using association, synthesis and metaphor.

Required material: sketching paper, B2 paper format (cardboard, different color paper), paint (acrylic, tempera, watercolors), brushes, sponges, ink, crayons, markers, pencils, scissors, glue, tape, paper scissors, collage material, cups for water.