Information about concerts

  1. Date: 28.10.2016
    Place: World Music Museum Theatre (WUQIANG)
  2. Date: 29.10.2016
    Place: Yangzhou Concert Hall
  3. Date: 03.11.2016
    Place: Datong Culture Palace No.2 Hall
  4. Date: 4.11.16
    Place: Tianjin Live House

About the musicians:

For eight years, DagaDana has been merging elements of Ukrainian and Polish culture through jazz, electronic and world music. Their debut album “Maleńka” was awarded a Fryderyk in the category Folk/World Music Album in 2011, and their next two records “Dlaczego Nie” and “Listy do Ciebie” established their position on the world music scene. Another creative impulse that contributed to their album “Meridian 68” was meeting incredible musicians from the group North Lab: Hassibagen from Mongolia and Aiys Song from China, during DagaDana’s visit to Beijing. The group merges the beauty of Mongolian tradition with contemporary music. Throat singing vibrates alongside cello virtuosity and the morin-khuur.

The relationship between the musicians, with the support of the Polish Institute in Beijing, the Adam Mickiewicz Institute and the Department of Culture of Poznań, resulted in an album that reached 8th place on the prestigious World Music Charts Europe and 16th place on the Transglobal World Music Chart. Three years after their first trip to China, DAGADANA will once more join forces with their friends from China and Mongolia, playing songs from the album “Meridian 69”. Their concerts, full of humour, prove that it’s a kind of music that delights both the audience and the artists. Soft vocalization, live voice modulation and traditional instruments with electronics is DagaDana’s recipe for taking audiences on a musical journey between Chinese and Slavic culture.

Group members:

  • Dagmara Agnieszka Gregorowicz
  • Bogdana Vynnytska
  • Marcin Jan Taperek
  • Mikołaj Jan Pospieszalski
  • Piotr Maria Budniak
  • Bartosz Mikołaj Nazaruk